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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 6, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> he's spent a month in north korea as an accused war criminal. now bay area veteran merril newman is reportedly on his way home. >> and the icy weather tightens its grip on the bay area, it's freezing. and i'm very cold and now rain is coming down. kron four meteorologist is >> in san jose, freezing temperatures claim the lives of four homeless people. to lose that many in one night. it's horrible. new measures in place to protect those who have no >> bad weather also a factor in idaho, where the search for a south bay man and his family has been suspended.
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i'm dale, and this is my family. dale smith of san jose was at the controls of his private plane when it disappeared on sunday. tonight a look at his video tribute to his love of flying. clear! malignedand a suspected cat killer under arrest. police say this man grabbed two cats out the arms of a san francisco woman and tossed then into the bay. now he is facing animal cruelty charges, >> developing news tonight. the palo alto man who's been held in north korea for more than a month. is coming home. north korea has finally released 85 year old merrill newman. kron 4's jeff bush is live outside his home in palo alto. jeff what can you tell us >> we do not know right now but this is a big sigh of relief. eds let's take a video that was provided by the career in government. you concede that he was
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terror get it for hours. eventually he will make a statement that was provided by the government. he left with a travel companion spread he was taken off the plane by north korea and hailed for months. he is a career and some veteran and that is why he wanted to go. he is going debate released and will take a plane from beijing to sampras's go. the north korean government has provided a statement read >> taking into consideration that axa were committed. on the basis of his wrong under station. he made an apology. his advanced age and health conditions, the above the institution and removed him
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from the country drift >> back out here live we are also hearing that he is wanted take a plane and land at sfo sometime tomorrow morning. >> happening now. it's been cold again today. and now rain and snow are hitting the bay area tonight. this is video from highway 29 in napa. where snow fell this afternoon. tonight our chief meteorologist is tracking the conditions. but we begin with kron 4's dan kerman. he reports from the south bay. where the cold weather is being blamed for the deaths of four people. >> at the shelter those without a home were lining up here to get a spot for the night. this is for a good reason. in the last couple of days homeless men have died, three in the last 48 hours. >> the corner office stated that three of them were
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living at encampments and one in a garage. >> to up loose people like this is really painful. i am hoping that this does not happen again. >> this operates the three shelters in santa clara county. she stated that the ones in san jose and sunnyvale will be open 24 hours a day and those, plus in gilroy and will have additional beds to cover more. >> our goal is to house more people. >> still, she says that this will not be enough. maligned there is no way that this will be enough. we still have to be sure. that is why it is extremely critical.
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>> typically our average workers go on and give homeless people into shelters. that will continue through this weekend in addition that will bring them volunteers and i ca. >> a 6th day has come and gone with still no sign of san down in the idaho wilderness cancer. >> there is the snow the chicken sate quite a large area that is covered. about 3,000 ft.. the embarcadero is seen light showers but most of it is dry. to the north, almost all this area is covered.
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>> as we look at the current temperatures is too warm for us to see snow down the debt. the lowest temperatures up and no. the similar or 40's. you can see snow and even a rain snow mix. it would not stick to the pavement. as we take a look as storm tracker 4 you can see we have plenty of rain in fact the call from is still to the north. this is going to lower the snow levels to about 2,000 ft.. i can tell you how much snow we are expecting. >> the six the day has come and gone with still no sign of san jose pilot dale smith and four members of his family. it is feared dead their plane went down in the idaho wilderness late sunday there is more snow in the forecast and the search
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will resume. >> a friend has been in contact with his wife and other family members are taking their part. >> she is getting discouraged because of the weather off their it has just been so cold. miracles do happen. >> dale smith is an experienced plane pilot. he has taken off several times to be with his daughter. >> an accused cat killer.under arrest tonight. eric patterson.was arersted police say patterson grabbed two live cats from a woman. and tossed them into the bay along the embarcadro. causing them to drown. the suspect was seen on
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securty cameras at a nearby hotel. around the same time of the november 25th attack. the homeless woman who had the cats told animal control officials the guy you see here is the man who nabbed her cats. as well as her belongings.and tossed them. police were able to retrieve her belongings. but the cats did not make it. police and animial control tracked down patterson today after getting tips from the public. police say he resisted arrest and has a history of assault. >> new at eight. a san francisco man is the victim of a deadly ht and run accident in the mission district. tonight, kron four's philippe djegal tells us more about the victim. and, the driver police are maligned the victim is 30 year-old san francisco resident kurt dalen. his close friends posting his picture on this pole above a memorial inhonor. the memorial stands where dalen was struck by a car at around 2-45 thursday morning at the corner of valencia street and clinton park in san francisco's mission district.
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police say dalen was crossing the road when a driver hit him and didn't stop. instead, continuing down valencia. the car is described as a black or blue four-door sedan and police need your help to find it. >> they should look for damage to the front of the vehicle as well as the side vendor. they just want to check this make sure it matches. typically a lot of times people will. out and they will try to take these cars to body shops. we are asking anyone eject run across i >> dept. dalen is also a 2010 graduate of the san francisco art institute. his brother shot this documentary of his art ork back in 2009.
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this is dalen discussing his paintings. tonight on kron four news at 11. we sit down with one of dalen's former professors who says the school is in mourning over the loss of a great guy. that's new tonight at 11. in san francisco, philippe >> a 14 year old girl is recovering from major injuries after being hit by a car in newark. it happened around seven thirty this morning on cherry street. police say the girl was in a crosswalk when she was hit. the driver of the car is cooperating with police. two people were hurt when a driver lost control and hit a house in san jose. it happened tonight at a home on meridian drive. you can see the driver plowed into the garage. the two people who were hurt have minor injuries. >> ahead at eight. what some bay area car enthusiasts are doing to celebrate the life of the late paul walker. an ice storm slams the middle of the country -- bringing people and planes to a standstill.
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we're live in memphis -- where they're feeling the brunt of the storm. >> he is not doing any day now. maligned the fans are chiming men and as they do this ticket prices are storm. about $300 for the cheapest seat. if this is not just the game, this is history in the making. >> it is championship week and i want to latino, seahawks, go see box. >> they're just 96 minutes left of football, home of the 49ers. but forty-niners, likely will have until may
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to fill. demolition will happen in the fall of 2014. soccer games, and other sporting events and even a good buy concert could happen at candlestick before that time. this is going to be one of the most intense matches next. >> we have to work. >> j.r. stone, kron4 nos. >> coming up that the kron 4 news. what some bay area enthusiasms are doing to
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celebrate the life of the late paul walker. >> at ice storm slams of the middle of the country bringing people and planes to a standstill. we are live in memphis where they are filling the brunt of the storm redline south africans continued to mourn the death of nelson mandela. how he is being remembered tonight.
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>> the world is mourning the death and celebrating the life of nelson mandela. the 95-year-old died yesterday. he made his last major public appearance in 2010, when south africa hosted the but his time away from the public eye did nothing to diminish his place in the public tributes continue to pour in. >> "madiba's long walk to freedom gave new meaning to character, to courage, to forgiveness and to human dignity."/"we should all work together to organize the most befitting funeral for this outstanding son of our country, and the father of our young nation." >> mandela spent decades fighting apartheid in south africa.
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27 of those years were spent in prison. he was 71 when released in 1990. there will be ten official days of mourning, including a day of prayer and a memorial service. president obama and the first lady will travel to south africa. so will former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton. >> today, reverend cecil williams of san francisco's glide memorial church talked about mandela's legacy. >> ".in his lifetime and our lifetime." >> williams says he was onstage with mandela at the oakland coliseum during his visit in 1990. he says he'll always remember him for his courage and conviction. even after being imprisoned for 27 years. o >> the wood and stated that he was on stage with him
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during his visit in 1990. he stated that he will always remember him for his courage even after he was imprisoned. >> a memorial is being held tonight in fremont for actor paul walker and his friend roger rodas. both men were killed in a firey car wreck last weekend.. the memorial is in the form of a car meet - scheduled between 9-pm and midnight. hundreds of cars are expected. it's set to happen on pacific commons blvd in fremont. >> some scary moments at a trader joe's. about 15 shoppers and workers were hurt when a car smashed into the store in oceanside, new york.on long island. police say an elderly woman lost control of her car - and drove through the store windows. there's no word yet on exactly how it happened. 12 people were taken to the hospital - two of them are seriously hurt. >> here is a weather picture
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that was submitted. you can see the smoke is flying. we are always welcome in your pictures. you can keep sending them to our facebook page or sending them at to breaking news >> we have a moderate who reigned approaching san francisco. livermore valley is also seen moderate rain. we are seen as low snow levels, right now about 3,000 ft.. the main front, is still well to the north. we have another mechanism that is causing showers. that is where seen now. the cold front that says it will drop substantially over my.
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>> arraigned for big most part me behalf of an inch and then local snow about 2 1/4 inches. future cast 4 sets of that the wind will start at 8:00 p.m.. when we go through the evening you will see the cold front pushing through. after midnight it should be south of the golden gate bridge. the snow levels will be low and we are picking up live lingering smoke. most of us, the precipitation will be south. a winter weather advisory is in affect and we could be snow as low as 1,500 ft. reported a again,
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we may see a cumulation of to the 4 in.. >> the freezing levels will drop 2,000 ft. over my and that is where we will see freezing temperatures. that afternoon it is still a chilly. temperatures all will only be in the 40's. >> there extended forecast, shows rain tonight and snow overnight. a freeze warning has already been issued. >> still ahead on kron-4 news at eight: oh, baby! a new i-pad accessory that's nothing to "kid" around about. what you're saying about the gadget and your children.
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>> why one world war two veteran was denied a seat on a plane back to pearl harbor. and next: we're live in the freeze- zone. where americans are struggling through an ice >>
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>> new tonight at 8:00 p.m.. if you are looking for a good free holiday show to get you in the spirit of our tech reporter at gabe slate has a look. >> this is a 3-d it light show. this center will show the domed that was built in 1908. it has been transformed into a state of the guards around sound system. this show, nutcracker was inspired by
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the san francisco ballet. it integrates the performance and footage of ballet dancers and a part of this show. san francisco-based studio can create this under the dome using the latest in projections and mapping technologies. it took them three days to do this. they had to capture 16 hours of dance footage. after they can't talk then about one balsa hours. it really is something special, one of those only in sampras's call type shows. it is 3-d but she did not need that. in person is radical. this play
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is set every half hour. it'll go through december 31st. it is a real unique attraction in is free. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news.
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>> still ahead on of the kron4 news. a new ipad assessor read that is now
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nothing to kid about what you are saying about the gadget and your children. >> why a world war two veteran was denied a seat on a plane is back to pearl harbor. >> we are live in the freeze as zone where americans are struggling through an ice storm. i love watching tv outside.
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100% more possible. join us at and thrive. >> developing tonight. the paula out so man who has been detained in your career for more than a month is finally coming home. >> north korean officials to release 85 year-old merrill newman. the korean war veteran was unattended tour of north korea but only minutes before his plane was set to leave october 26th, he was suddenly escorted off the plane. he was required to make a so-called apology a few days ago. in video,
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the korean war veterans said that he was sorry for war crimes that he had committed. >> and i storm is slamming the middle of the country tonight bring people and plans at a standstill. freezing rain and stinging winds are stretching from texas to new england. erin mcpike is live to mind in memphis. >> the conditions have been so bad here in fact, they have been so bad that thousands are without power. 30,000 meursault and arkansas. about 200,000 in the dallas area. >> it is fun for kids but not so much for drivers. eyes, sleet and snow is covering parts of the area. >> it is raining, very wets.
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it is chilly. >> in memphis tennessee the rain turned eyes entrees amaral. >> people do not have a tires that can have a web. in arkansas and a seller condition happened. doors adjust my custom in ohio was a story commute. it tends to bring down tree limbs and power outages. energy officials in the dallas area stated that hundreds of customers were without power since friday morning. some of them left to help other crews restore power. >> if people in memphis, losing electricity is a top concern. >> hopefully, we won't be so
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cold. the national weather service stated that this will continue until sunday. >> unfortunately happening right now there is rain and snow hitting parts of the bay area. this is video from highway 29 and nab up. this is where snow fell the staff to know. the cold weather has turned deadly, frigid temperatures are being blamed for the deaths of four people in the south bay chief meteorologist jacqueline been thabennett joy s us now. >> we are still seen snow at the diablo range. we are
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seeing more snow through the over my hour. zooming in on this is that you can see, right here at the peak we are seeing rain along the east shore line and a course through the 680 split. basically this is blackening the entire city. we have seen consistent rain. there are areas of moderate rain. also there is heavy rain near napa. the temperatures are in the for its impact they have been getting warmer. but does not even warm we're seen more temperatures the snow levels are born to drop overnight and i will show you just where you can expect small in just a bit. >> it is the new baby
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product that has people all over the world paying attention and many say it is completely over the top. grant is here with details on this new ipad assessor reported >> a sign of the times of lazy parenting. fisher-price has on the bell their new ipad holder a baby seat. this is called the newborn to toddler seat. people all over are freaking out. the academy of pediatrics is not freaking out, but it is this a green same that it recommends that children under the age of to avoid screens. on the fisher- price web site, it describes
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the product as something that is soothing, entertaining and technology all in one. some parents love it, almost foaming at the mall for a way to occupy their child. others are just met, convinced that this is the clear signal that our 21st century society is doomed. people are weighing in on a face book page. >> maybe some people suggest have pets and not children. >> you are always welcome to send your comments to our facebook page and join the conversation bread >> the driveway and a fire station where people from all walks of life are behaving badly. >> what causes a top airline
8:37 pm
to tell a world war two veteran that he is not welcome to fly.
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along >> "3,2,1. whoo!" the big national christmas tree in washington was lit tonight. president obama threw the switch.and the first lady and their daughters were there to watch. hundreds of people braved the cold, wet weather to see it all happening. performances included aretha franklin. >> we're getting you in the holiday spirit with another kron local special. a one-hour show that takes you live all around the bay show you some spectacular lights.and celebrations. kron 4's amazing holiday lights is next friday night the 13th -- at 9pm. right after kron 4 news at 8. >> coming up, seconds count on firefighters need to respond but however, the
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valuable time is wasted because of people behaving badly. i love watching tv outside.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. line >> a man who survived the attack of pro harbor was headed to know why did for a special memorial ceremony. his plans and changed when
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his airline, united, decided to bump him from the flight. it is a move that has sparked outrage. mileka lincoln has the story. >> this is what made me mad because i pay for this seat in somebody else was sitting there. >> they stated that inclement weather are required them to carry additional fuel so they had to reduce their passengers are 41. he stated that on it to other customers were pulled away. he stated that he has not heard from the 9ยข and he never plans to travel with them again. >> i was just lost, i did not know what to do. >> he stated that for july,
8:43 pm
representatives or waiting to escort him. i am happy now. it is clear that he was happy. people heard about his or until-session everybody wanted to get a picture with me. they were acting as if i was a hero. >> we are here to show our respect. this is a tremendous honor and that is why we take this so seriously. >> we did pick up snow and here is a picture. you can
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see the tire marks in the snow. if you what like egg whethwould like to assure your picture just send it to us on our facebook page or at breaking >> we're dealing with 3,000 ft. once the cold front pushes through it will drop off in the bay. satellite and radar is capturing the rain and snow in the sierra. the code from is still way to the more than we have another front that is on to mold through. it does not bring us much cold weather but it is causing problems. will notice but the showers will pick up. this is won
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the cold front is expected to approach. overnight, the cold front will push south of the golden gate bridge. it pushes down towards the south by for and this is one the snow levels will drop. you will notice a lot of precipitation as to the south. we will pick up littering florey's pripet and that is going to taper off into the afternoon and we will see clear skies. >> and winter weather advisory that was it issued are all under this advisory and most of the snow is want to go over 2,500 ft.. the snow levels will draw. we will see snow accumulations between 2 to 4 in.. the
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temperatures over knotter not going to be ice cold a again this is not a horrible--it will still be chilly. 40's and afternoon and as for the sierra, heavy snow like we mentioned through tomorrow morning up to 2 ft. and more than that in the higher terrain. we will see drier conditions into tomorrow but fight saturday and sunday we will have clear skies. the temperatures will refreshes >> (male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> in front of just about every fire station in san francisco stenciled on the ground are the words keep clear nats: ambiance >> but you can't see it here because well its covered up
8:47 pm
by all these vehicles that area is called a fire lane >> and stopping in it slows down the response time for firefighters and paramedics when they have to respond >> this rig is trying to repond to an emergency at a retirement home but is delayed because drivers are posted up blocking the fire lane >> this silver saturn was not only in the fire lane the driver is in the bike lane as well nats: ambiance >> during the commute it can take fireighters as much as two minuites just to leave the station because of oblivious drivers >> like this driver in the volvo lets have a chat with him >> knock knock knock how you doing? roll your window down you see that fire station you know you not suppost to stop here right see that sign on the grown that says a fire >> how you doing, you on your cell phone but you are blocking the fire station
8:48 pm
you are blocking the fire station yea i did man it is what it is my man its must be some new holiday and i missed it and >> fire station 1 in know as the alley cats because it use to be located in an alley but now it being held captive by inattentive drivers >> the base fine for blocking the fire stations is 35 dollars but with all the court fees and add ons and it ballons up to 238 dollars >> in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> the 49ers and give their thoughts on what is being called sunday's state mental game. jason was tell us more coming ucalled sunday's statemet
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game against the seahawks. jason will tell us more coming up.
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>> there was no miracle
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comeback for the warriors tonight the first quarter and james harding was of the man. they jumped all over the warriors. 22-18. the second quarter plates, on the turnover. the route is all one. stefan curry did a bad pass. at that juncture that did okay--there was no comment. the final was one of five, 83 rockets over the warriors. >> after tearing his achilles 8 months ago, kobe bryant will make his season debut sunday verus toronto. bryant made the announcement on facebook. >> (video)
8:53 pm
>> and it's been 8 months since kobe bryant tore his achilles versus the warriors today the lakers star announced he's ready to returnand he'll make his season debut this sunday versus the raptors at staples center. the 18 year veteran made the announcement on facebookin a dramatic videofeaturing just his jersey blowing in the windfor two minutesgetting battered by the rainand the sleet.but perservering in the endrepaired by a beam of sunlight to be honest it was a little muchbut laker fans no doubt happy to have him back >> and the 49ers' will face the seahawks at candlestick park for the final time sunday in what players are
8:54 pm
calling a statement game. >> this is definitely a statement game. i think last year with splendid. we know that we have dug ourselves in a whole. we have no problem digging ourselves out. >> one woman who will be rooting hard for the 49ers' is 0 bolopal mcdermott hole is a long snapper kevin mcdermott's grandma. she just celebrated her 100th birthday. kevin twisted out this photo of her. >> you cannot use its 11 and a row. the houston texans
8:55 pm
fired their coach. they lost 27 to 28 against the jacksonville. he was with them for his eighth season. this team was suppose the content but they were the league's worst he suffered a ministroke about a month ago he came back and then they lost a couple more. whangs phillips took over on an internship basis. >> and when tomorrow and in the pact 12 championship game and stanford is headed back to the rose bowl. it is a rematch of their pact 12 opener vs. arizona state. a 42-28 blowout reds >> it is a rematch of their impact will opener. only this time it is not at
8:56 pm
stanford stadium rather and tempe. soleras, is actually a three-point favorite over the seventh ranked cardinals. >> they're playing good ball. they're coming off a big win. this is going to be a good championship. >> second baseman robinson cano is looking for a $300 million contract. he will just have to settle for 240. he has headed to the seattle mariners after agreeing to 18 year deal. >> the sharks had not lost back-to-back games and regulation all year until to my. a couple of santa us making an early appearance
8:57 pm
in raleigh, north carolina. the sharks' taking on the hurricanes. >> good night everybody see you a11 at 11:00 p.m.. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life.
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